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Rare Original Apple Juice Bakelite
Reverse-Carved and Painted Fish Bowl Brooch/Pin

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Original apple juic Bakelite Reverse Carved and Painted Fish Bowl brooch Pin

Original Bakelite Reverse Carved and Painted Fish Bowl Pin

Original Bakelite Reverse Carved and Painted Fish Bowl Pin

Original Bakelite Reverse Carved and Painted Fish Bowl Pin

Original Bakelite Reverse Carved and Painted Fish Bowl Pin

Item Vin660:
Rare original vintage 'book piece' reverse-carved and hand-painted fish bowl brooch, the workmanship is amazing. The fish are blowing bubbles and they are deeply reverse-carved into the Bakelite. The design is thick apple juice Bakelite where the fishes are painted with reddish gold and dark rose. The hand painting of the fishes, base, and grass is all original. There's a little loss of black paint on the base of the brooch, otherwise the condition is perfect. The original back pin is embedded and has a safety clasp and works perfectly. The brooch measures 2 inches (5.8cm) wide x 1.77 inches (4.49cm) long x 0.5cm depth, as far as I know, this is the only size it was ever made in. The condition is great considering age Circ 1920's, an absolutely gorgeous brooch!

The fish bowl brooch is the exact one photographed and appears in the book - Bakelite: The Art of the Carver, Tortoriello/Lyons, Schiffer 2008 on page 80 where this same pin was photographed.

About Bakelite
Bakelite was invented in the early 1900's, but making jewelry from this plastic became popular in the 1930's. Heavily carved bangles, bangles with polka dots or multiple colors laminated together, and usual figural pins are among the most expensive items sought by Bakelite collectors today. There's numerous resources on the internet and books to buy to educate on 'Bakelite' item/s.

Price £ 243.00

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