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Designer Marcel Boucher

From Marcia Brown's book, "Signed Beauties of Costume Jewellery": Frenchman, Marcel Boucher, came to the United States as a young man in 1925. He became a jewellery designer for Cartier, one of the finest jewellery companies in New York City. He designed jewellery for Mazer Brothers in the early 1930's and established his own company, "Marcel Boucher and Cie Company," in 1937. Boucher jewellery is usually signed and carries an inventory number. Early marks are "Marboux" or "MB" in a cartouche. Later marks are "Marcel Boucher" and "Boucher." Marcel Boucher died in 1965 and his wife, Sandra Boucher, ran the company until 1972. Boucher created a line featuring six bird pins. But, oh what birds! They were birds of imagination with ornate coloured stones, bright enamels, very three-dimensional "ready to soar" Boucher jewellery is "high-end" and can be tough to tell from the "real thing." It is very collectible and highly desirable.

Year Piece Made and Item Number
Year 1945 – 2300–2350
Year 1946 – 2351–2450
Year 1947 – 2450–2550
Year 1948 – 2550–2750
Year 1949 – 2750–3000
Year 1950 – 3000–3500

marcel boucher pin

marcel boucher pin

marcel boucher pin patent

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