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1947 - September 2004

Beaucraft Inc. began operations and produced "Beau" and "Beaucraft" jewellery in Providence, RI from 1947. The company was one of the leading producers of beautiful and unique fine sterling silver jewellery ever made for over half a century. The jewellery designs had originality, versatility, and impeccable craftsmanship. Vintage Beaucraft jewellery pieces are now considered highly collectible and in the same class of jewellery as Coro. Their latest designs took on a new approach by contrasting brushed and high polished sterling silver finishes, creating a completely original look that combines classic style with modern fashion. The jewellery designs include fish and seahorses in sterling silver metal. Mark: "Beaucraft" (In Sterling), "Beau B Sterling", "B" with "Ster" or "Sterling", and "Beau Sterling". Beaucraft also made 14k jewellery.

In September 2004, after 57 years in the business, Beaucraft Inc. retired from the jewellery business and the entire inventory was put on the auction block with Amsco Ltd. purchasing the bulk of its inventory that is being offered to the public at "well-below-discount prices", "OVER THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF FINE BEAUCRAFT STERLING SILVER JEWELRY". Check the internet: AmscoOnline.com, the Amsco online retail store for NEW discount jewellery of Beaucraft. Amsco Ltd., for more than twenty years, has been supplying quality jewellery to the wholesale jewellery and catalogue industry and are now able to offer this merchandise, as well as other discount merchandise, direct to the public at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere. Other jewellery for sale includes: Charter Club, One of a Kind and Salesmans Samples used to display merchandise to the buyers at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Ave., Religious, Nature, Awareness, Semi-Precious, Hearts, Angels, Holiday, and Patriotic.

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House of francheska top 10 business in the south west region of the uk barclays trading places award 2008

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