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Designer Alfred Philippe for Trifari

There's so much history to Trifari Jewellery. Trifari Jewellery was first known as Trifari and Trifari founded by Gustavo Trifari and his uncle in 1910. The company name changed to just Trifari after Gustavos uncle left. In 1917 Leo Krussman joined and then Carl Fishel in 1925. They renamed the Company Trifari, Krussman and Fishel which is where the signature mark "KTF" derived.

Early 1930 Alfred Philippe joined as head designer, he's considered a top master craftsman in fine jewellery for Cartier and Van Cleef and Arples. His designs became very popular especially the well known designs known as fruit salad (also known as Tutti Frutti) jewellery. The company was run 1910 to 1975 by the originating founders and sons of those founders. In 1975 Trifari was purchased by several other companies, there's so much rich history to Trifari, we will add more and more over time on their fascinating history. Early Trifari Jewellery is very collectible and some pieces are now very rare to find.

Alfred Philippe for Trifari Poinsetta Pin Master Designer Alfred Philippe Signed Trifari Demi Master Designer Alfred Philippe Signed Trifari - Opera Necklace

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