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Although our main focus is selling antique and vintage jewellery we decided to expand our product range with collectibles and memborabilia because sometimes it's the least expected place to find your treasure. We often come across some wonderful finds when we venture out on the search for jewellery and like to think 'Maybe our customers will like this and have tried to find this exact item', it's good to know we can give our customers a nice eureka moment!

D Bowie front of radio 1 contract in the frame
Star Man Surprise!
Rare Original Signed David Bowie BBC Radio 1 Contract dated 1971
Perfect Present for the David Bowie Collector
Fantastic investment opportunity and to have a piece of important history

Item Code: VinBowie794

This is a rare original signed David Bowie BBC Radio 1 contract dated 23 September 1971 for broadcast dated 4 October 1971,the contract is signed D Bowie with his initials.

The wall mounted framed contract includes a photocopy of the reverse side with the entertainment booking seal which is unseen due to the front of the contract only showing in the frame.

The contract is colour blue with blue ink for the Service Radio 1 Prog no: 1G1394Q and has a good quality printed picture of David Bowie 'Ziggy Stardust' wall mounted in a nice heavy duty wood frame with glass. The frame is 25 inches wide x 21 inches long.

Radio was very popular back in the 1970's, not many people had television sets and the picture was black and white and wavey! It's no surprise this radio contract is a radio 1 recording as most music fans back in the early 70's listened to music mainly on a record player, radio 1 and the Luxemburg channel.

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