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Why Elizabeth Taylor for Avon Jewellery?

Date: 2006
By Lorraine Francheska Evans
When I first saw this jewellery back in 2004 it was by chance I came across it. I was browsing the internet to buy something special as a gift and then I spotted the Guilded Age Ring. My first impression was how ornate, artistic and how different it looked from anything I have ever seen before. I thought being an artist myself I can see every piece of this fabulous jewellery ever produced is a work of art. The jewellery is so unique in design, the sheer quality and beauty in each piece is amazing.

I thought if it's good enough for Elizabeth to wear who has the most exquisite taste and owns the most fabulous jewellery collection in the world then this jewellery is a must for any serious collector who appreciates such exquisite designs.

Divine is the word that springs to mind to describe this wonderful exotic jewellery. The fabulous Elizabeth Taylor for Avon Costume Jewellery was designed for and distributed through Avon Jewellery. The last pieces were made in 1996. My aim is to find you a piece of this Exquisite Jewellery and be a proud owner of these stunning and glamourous jewels.

I can honestly say from my heart Elizabeth was the most awe inspiring woman, she gave me something very precious in my life, Elizabeth inspired me to design my website and feature her jewellery. Unfortunately, I recently became disabled and needed to keep going in mind and spirit, my guardian angel sent me to Elizabeth's fabulous jewels as an incentive to keep me going, how magical and wonderful our creator is for bringing to light her remarkable avon jewellery designs. I look at my disability as a blessing in disguise as I would never have found her, it was only when I had to give up my full time career due to my disability I found this path.

Updated: 30 August 2016
Message from Lorraine owner of House of Francheska

I'm so happy life is good to me once again! at last I can say my health and life has much improved through believing my health will return, sheer determination and trusting my heart things will go well again. Never let ill health or anything stop you having a life always visualize things will get better, and this is what got me through in my daily life.

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor DBE
Born: (27 February 1932) Died: (23 March 2011)
My sincere condolences to Elizabeth's family,
Although I never got to meet Elizabeth in person I always felt she was near, she'll be sorely missed and was loved by many people all around the world.
Thank you Elizabeth for being you and for sharing your fabulous jewels.
Rest in Peace.

purple Rose

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My love affair with jewelry - by Elizabeth Taylor

My Love Affair with Jewelry - By Elizabeth Taylor

Abstract taken with full courtesy from - My Love Affair with Jewelry book
I have felt that ever since Richard started giving me jewelry, there was some meaning in it for him, too. He would do it with such a twinkle and with such glee. He would say I know I could give a $10 ornament for your hair or a $10,000 Van Cleef & Arpels necklace to wear around your neck and in your eyes I would see the same appreciation. I just love to watch your response and thats why I love giving you jewelry.

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