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Designer Adele Simpson - 1944-1950's
Adele Smithline was born in 1903 and married Wesley William Simpson in 1930. Through 1930, she had worked as a designer for Gershels, William Bass firm, and Mary Lee Fashions. This last company allowed her to put her label on her accessory designs of jewelry, perfume and lingerie. The Adele Simpson Company, a clothing and accessories company, was found in 1944. It produced unusual designs, chains, medallions, necklaces, broaches and earrings in sterling silver and gold plated metal using clear and color pave rhinestones, faceted crystals and faux pearls. Mark: "Adele Simpson" in script. The jewelry line was limited in production and ceased operations in the 1950's. Jewelry pieces are rarely found today.
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Designer Alfred Philippe for Trifari (Crème de la Crème)
Alfred Philippe is one of the top designers for Trifari please also see details on Trifari Jewellery

There is so much history to Trifari Jewellery. Trifari Jewellery was first known as Trifari and Trifari founded by Gustavo Trifari and his uncle in 1910. The company name changed to just Trifari after Gustavos uncle left. In 1917 Leo Krussman joined and then Carl Fishel in 1925. They renamed the Company Trifari, Krussman and Fishel which is where the hallmark KTF derived.

Early 1930 Alfred Philippe joined as head designer, he's considered a top craftsman who worked in fine jewellery for Cartier and Van Cleef and Arples. His designs became very popular especially the well known designs known as fruit salad (also known as Tutti Frutti) jewellery. The company was run 1910 to 1975 by the originating founders and sons of those founders. In 1975 Trifari was purchased by several other companies, there's so much rich history to Trifari, we will add more and more over time on their fascinating history. Early Trifari Jewellery is very collectible and some pieces are now very rare to find.
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Designer Alexander Korda
Korda designs were based on the movie 113 Thief of Bagdad. The movie was released in 1940 and it has been remembered as the greatest fantasy film ever made. The movie received Academy Awards for Art Direction, Color Cinematography and Special Effects. The producer Alexander Korda biggest achievement in my opinion. The movie is about Arabian Nights adventures and appeals to this date to all ages. Six famous directors worked on the film which encountered many obstacles. The final result of this movie more that exceeded all expectation and it has become an instant classic to this day. Korda the director of the film distributed limited pieces to promote the film. All the pieces were limited reproduction of actual pieces used in the film.
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Designer Avon of Belleville 1945-1971
Rare to find Avon of Belleville, not to be confused with Avon Cosmetics Corp., was formed by Abe Mazer (Mazer/Jomaz) in 1945, producing fine quality jewelry out of their plant in Belleville Ontario. Much of Avon of Belleville jewelry is designed by Marcel Boucher, and although bearing the Avon of Belleville mark, also is imprinted with Boucher's signature 4-digit design numbers. Avon of Belleville ceased to exist in 1971 which coincides with the time that Avon cosmetics began producing costume jewelry. RECOGNIZING AVON OF BELLEVILLE JEWELRY The first sign is the superior quality of the jewels. Avon of Belleville jewelry has heft and uses the finest quality rhinestones. There are also the magnificent designs of Marcel Boucher that instantly sets this jewelry apart from the other quality Avon Cosmetics jewels. The jewelry was marked "Avon" in script and also in upper case block letters, along with Marcel Boucher's 4 digit design inventory numbers.
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Designer Beau or Beaucraft 1947 - September 2004
Beaucraft Inc. began operations and produced "Beau" and "Beaucraft" jewellery in Providence, RI from 1947. The company was one of the leading producers of beautiful and unique fine sterling silver jewellery ever made for over half a century. The jewellery designs had originality, versatility, and impeccable craftsmanship. Vintage Beaucraft jewellery pieces are now considered highly collectible and in the same class of jewellery as Coro. Their latest designs took on a new approach by contrasting brushed and high polished sterling silver finishes, creating a completely original look that combines classic style with modern fashion. The jewellery designs include fish and seahorses in sterling silver metal. Mark: "Beaucraft" (In Sterling), "Beau B Sterling", "B" with "Ster" or "Sterling", and "Beau Sterling". Beaucraft also made 14k jewellery.

In September 2004, after 57 years in the business, Beaucraft Inc. retired from the jewellery business and the entire inventory was put on the auction block with Amsco Ltd. purchasing the bulk of its inventory that is being offered to the public at "well-below-discount prices", "OVER THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF FINE BEAUCRAFT STERLING SILVER JEWELRY". Check the internet: AmscoOnline.com, the Amsco online retail store for NEW discount jewellery of Beaucraft. Amsco Ltd., for more than twenty years, has been supplying quality jewellery to the wholesale jewellery and catalogue industry and are now able to offer this merchandise, as well as other discount merchandise, direct to the public at a fraction of the cost found elsewhere. Other jewellery for sale includes: Charter Club, One of a Kind and Salesmans Samples used to display merchandise to the buyers at Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Ave., Religious, Nature, Awareness, Semi-Precious, Hearts, Angels, Holiday, and Patriotic.
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Designer Bergere 1947 - 1979
Jewellery by Bergere was produced by L. Erbert & Pohls Inc. New York in 1947. We Have come across some really high quality pieces of jewellery from Bergere. They mainly concentrated on producing necklaces, bracelets, brooches and earrings. The materials they used within their jewellery was faux pearls, coloured stones, beads, crystals and rhinestones on gold plated, rhodium and brass metails. They produced various collections dating from 1947 until the company ceased trading in 1979. The Bergere signature mark is bergere with a dash above the 2nd e of the name and Bergere in script.
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Designer Marcel Boucher
From Marcia Brown's book, "Signed Beauties of Costume Jewellery": Frenchman, Marcel Boucher, came to the United States as a young man in 1925. He became a jewellery designer for Cartier, one of the finest jewellery companies in New York City. He designed jewellery for Mazer Brothers in the early 1930's and established his own company, "Marcel Boucher and Cie Company," in 1937. Boucher jewellery is usually signed and carries an inventory number. Early marks are "Marboux" or "MB" in a cartouche. Later marks are "Marcel Boucher" and "Boucher." Marcel Boucher died in 1965 and his wife, Sandra Boucher, ran the company until 1972. Boucher created a line featuring six bird pins. But, oh what birds! They were birds of imagination with ornate coloured stones, bright enamels, very three-dimensional "ready to soar" Boucher jewellery is "high-end" and can be tough to tell from the "real thing." It is very collectible and highly desirable.
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Designer Blackamoor Jewellery
According to An Illustrated Dictionary of Jewellery by Newman, a Blackamoor is a figure of a young male or female black African depicted in jewelry in a head or bust. Morcic Croatian jewelry and figures have been a speciality of the artisans of Venice and Croatia for hundreds of years. Inspired by styles of the East, this type of jewellery was believed to have protective powers and was sometimes worn as an amulet to guard against evil. Sailors often wore a Morcic earring in their left ear. In the 19th century it became the expensive and soughtafter jewellery to the rich. Still produced today in Venice by the iconic Nardi firm and conjuring up images of Carnivale and the exotic mysterious East.
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Designer Cartier (Crème de la Crème)
CARTIER, the very name denotes qualtiy and opulence. Founded in 1847 in Paris, the firm became one of the world's greatest designers and manufacturers of jewelry and objets d'art, and a supplier to royalty, nobility, and the wealthy. Once memorably hailed as the "Jeweler of Kings, & the King of Jewelers" by King Edward VII Cartier remains today, one of the worlds' best known luxury brands and a byword for quality & style.

Until the end of the 19th century, Cartier was primarily a retailer of jewelry and objects produced by outside manufacturers. When Cartier's son Alfred took over in 1874, the firm gradually began repairing and improving jewelry, and then designing and manufacturing their own original pieces in the late 1800s. In 1899, the move to 13 Rue de la Paix situated the business in the heart of the important jewelry and couturier quarter of Paris.

Encouraged by King Edward VII, Cartier opened a branch in London in 1902 managed by Alfred's son Jacques. A royal commission was granted in 1904, followed quickly by commissions from Spain, Portugal, Russia, Siam, and Greece. These royal commissions helped to solidify Cartier's reputation among the wealthy and famous the world over.

To better deal with American millionaires, who from the beginning formed a large part of Cartier's clientele, a New York branch was opened in 1909 by Alfred's other son, Pierre. Until World War I, Cartier maintained close relations with clients in Russia, and the princes and maharajas of India sought Cartier to design and mount their jewels. Jewelry and accessories were also made as stock items for the stores or were commissioned by individuals.

Until the 1960's, the Paris, London, and New York branches were part of a single firm but operated independently, collaborating whenever necessary. In 1962, the New York branch was sold, followed by the Paris branch in 1965, thus ending the unity. The firm was reunited and reorganized in 1979 as Cartier Monde, and today shops and boutiques can be found in cities around the world.

With each of the branches headed by a Cartier brother, the first four decades of the 20th century were a time of originality in design and technique in which a distinctive Cartier aesthetic emerged. Most of the pieces in this exhibition date to this period and reflect in part the range of materials and decorative techniques employed by Cartier.
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Designer Cadoro (Crème de la Crème) or Hollywood Stars - 1945 - 1980's
CADORO - JEWELLERY TO THE RICH AND FAMOUS, Cadoro is very high quality jewellery and was founded by Actor Steve Brody and Dan Staneskieu in 1945. At the time their jewellery was very fashionable and custom designed. Each piece was hand crafted using the materials brush gold tone and silver tone metals with some pieces consisting of rhinestones, glass crystals, seed pearls, coloured stones, apparently they chose only the highest quality resources. Their signature mark is CADORO and CADORO with a copyright symbol. The company suffered the loss of Dan Staneskieu who died in the 1960's and the company ceased trading in 1970. Their jewellery is now very collectable and rare to find.
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Designer Chanel - Gabrielle "COCO" Chanel ( (Crème de la Crème)
See also Reinad Jewellery and Robert Goossen)

One of the most visible personalities of her era, Gabrielle Chanel invented a style that was synonymous with modernity and chic. What is perhaps less well known is that the grande dame of twentieth-century fashion used platinum and diamonds to create an exceptional collection of the finest jewelry. This daring experiment is currently a new source of inspiration for Chanel, which through its fine jewellery department in the Place Vendome in Paris, is once again demonstrating the art of creating and wearing exceptional jewellery. The adventure is both classic and contemporary and perpetuates one of the greatest names of the century.

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Designer Claudette 1945 - Mid-1950's
Claudette jewellery was made by Premier Jewellery Co., Inc. NY in 1945 and believed to have gone out of business in the mid 1950s. Mark: "Claudette" and "Claudette with a copyright symbol". Some of the jewellery produced contained coloured Lucite stones. Claudette (and C. Claudette) are marks on costume jewelry made by the Premier Jewelry Company, Inc. of New York, New York, USA. The relatively rare Claudette marks were first used in December, 1945.
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Designer Coro, Corocraft, Francoise, Vendome Jewellery 1900's - Present
Designers Emanuel Cohn and Gerard Rosenberg started their own shop in New York founded earyly 1900's selling costume jewellery and accessories, they later became known as Coro as you can see the name Coro incorporates the first two letters of their surname Cohan and Rosenberg. They became very successful and very well known for their high quality, designs and volume of jewellery at affordable prices. Coro made jewellery from 1920 until the 1970's, they apparently produced jewellery under different company names for example "Vendome", "Corocraft" and "Duette". The signature marks are some signed "Corocraft", some signed "Francois" this mark was used for the higher end of the market and attracted the wealthier clients. The signature mark "Vendome" the jewellery line which started in 1944 was also attracting the higher end of the market, best know for dynamic glass beads and they used cabochon and rhinestones. Corocraft often used sterling vermeil, rhinestones and enamel and produced some stunning designs. The mark "Coro Craft" since 1937 was used for higher end pieces, Corocraft was used after WWII, and the "Pegasus" mark was used after WWII these are few from a long Coro markings. Coro ceased trading circ 1979. Coro Inc. in Canada is still in operation today.
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Designer Christian Dior 1905 - 1957 (Crème de la Crème)
Many notable jewellery designers and manufacturers were commissioned to produce jewellery for the House of Dior including "Mitchell Maer", "Kramer", "Henkel & Grosse", "Josette Gripoix", and "Robert Goossens". Chanel has hand poured 'pate de verre' jewels created for her by the craftspeople of "Gripoix", "Rousselet and Goossens" Christian Dior jewelry usually incorporates elegant style and superb quality of manufacture. The designers used the highest quality crystal stones prong set into hand soldered settings.

Christian Dior 1905 - 1957 was an influential French fashion designer. In the 1950's, Dior jewellery was produced by Kramer in the 1950's, Henkel & Grosse from 1955 and Mitchel Maer from 1952 - 1956. The year 1955, Swarovski and Christian Dior developed the iridescent aurora borealis stone Licensed Dior jewelry continues to be produced.

The quality and craftsmanship of every aspect of their jewelry is admirable in every respect. Even the most subtle details such as clasp design, and back finishing are beautiful and the jewellery is almost as beautiful from that back, as from the front.
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Designer 'Countess Madeleine' - 'Jolie Gabor' and 'Fantasia'
'Countess Madeleine'' line of jewelry created by Madeleine Herling, owner of the 'Jolie Gabor' jewelry store and the Countess Madeleine Galleries in New York City during the 1980's until her death in 1995. The company 'Fantasia' located in NYC, continued to manufacture for Jolie Gabor the mother to the glamorous Gabor sisters after it was sold to the Herlings per Jean Forman a sales associate at the store right after Madeleine bought the Gabor store.
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Designer Esher Randel - Circ 1940's
Randel worked in Germany creating jewellery master pieces, pre-WW11 German Deco Style. It is rare to find jewellery made by Randel, his designs reflect the Art Deco period and he used the highest quality MOP and Rhinestone. You will see Randel parures priced from $175 - 300 range. Very rare to find his designs today. Signature mark shows a half circle with "ESHA" inside, name "RANDEL" in Caps next to it you can also find "WEST GERMANY" is marked on some pieces along with the signature.
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Designer Emmons - 1948-1981
Emmons was founded by Charles H Stuart in Newark NJ in 1948 the Company name Emmons was given after his wife Caroline Emmons. They started marketing jewellery that was not designed or manufactured at the company outsourced to other companies. The jewellery is very beautiful and was constructed using faux pearls, beads, rhinestones on silver metals. Emmons jewellery was sold at home jewellery parties. The signature mark is "EMMONS" or "EMMONS with a copyright symbol" and also "EMMOLITE". The company ceased trading in 1981. Their jewellery is very collectible and can be difficult to find.
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Designer Elizabeth Taylor for Avon Jewellery November 1993 to Present
Elizabeth Taylor born in 1932 in Hempstead, England is best know as a famous Hollywood movie actress. She produced the white diamonds perfumes, costmetics, gaming and publishing through the years. She owns the most exquisite jewellery collection I have ever seen. She also owned the famous Krupp Diamond and the La Peregina Pearl. In November 1993, Elizabeth decided to commission Avon Jewellery to produce fashion jewellery designed and signed by Elizabeth. The jewellery would be sold directly to the consumer by Avon representatives. The signature Mark Elizabeth Taylor with a script 'E' and Avon is embedded on a plaque on the back of the base metal piece of jewellery. There are several collections made and the earlier pieces are now very collectible and highly sought after. She now has her own Jewellery Company, House of Taylor which was launched July 2005.
Pictures of Elizabeth Taylor wearing her Avon Collection
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Designer Robert Goossen
Son of a fundidor, Robert Goossens, who was born in the neighborhood of artisans, the Marais, began in different offices: casting, jewelry, gold, engraving, estampa, as each jewel called his technique, he explained dominate all or reencontra them when they were lost. In 1960, encounter with Gabrielle Chanel revolutionized its existence. "Mademoiselle" afeicoou to that simple man whose hands of gold would give life, for twenty years, their fantasies more mad.

Collection after collection, Robert Goossens became the silversmiths of Chanel. An exchange has been established6 it showed its projects, Mademoiselle guiava their inspiration. Presilha hair trancada with threads of gold and silver, engastada with an emerald; pendants of scholarship with a cause for "lion-sun" and "earth-moon" Crosses "bizantinas" in crystal. Thousands of women used, without knowing, their creations.
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Designer Hobé - 1930s - Present
The name Hobé is well respected and sought after by many collectors of Costume and Fine Fashion Jewelry. Hobé Cie is a costume jewellery company that was founded by William Hobé in New York in the late 1800s. William Hobé had immigrated to the US from France, where his family had made fine jewellery for generations. Hobé jewellery was used in showgirl costumes in the Ziegfeld Follies. Hobé jewellery was also used in many Hollywood movies. Hobé produces very high quality and very high priced jewellery for upscale stores. The materials used for the costume jewellery are often semi-precious stones and their jewellery is highly collectable.

Rich in jewellery history and it seems to be a family tradition. The jewellery items they created in the early years were of museum antiques and quality even though they were Costume jewellery. They were considered good enough for Queen's. Hobe' quit manufacturing jewellery some time in 1992.
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Designer Charles Jourdan - 1960's
The expertise and the search for quality by an forward thinking master shoe maker from Romans (South East of France) lead to the creation of the CHARLES JOURDAN trademark in 1921.

CHARLES JOURDAN has been acknowledged as a international luxury designer label since the 1960's. Towards the end of the 1970's, taking into account its wonderful reputation in the shoe and leather trade, the Charles Jourdan Group started to diversify its activities and completed its range of fashion accessories with belts, scarves, glasses and perfumes, and in 1978, BIJOUX CHARLES JOURDAN was born.

At first this new jewelery range was sold through their own boutiques and by their distributors and this new jewelry range did not take long to catch the consumer's eye. In the 80's, a company working under license, called DIAD'M, had the responsibility of developing sales of the jewelery collection.

After 15 years of working under license from the world famous designer, this company also based in the South East of France, bought all the rights of the jewelry activity from the Charles Jourdan Group. Since then, the complete jewelery collection is sold under the brand name of JOURDAN BIJOUX. This jewelry is made mostly in France and is synonymous of the know how and the innovation that characteristic of its culture.

The essence of JOURDAN BIJOUX is above all contemporary and timeless creativity. This is jewelry that you will love to wear for a long time. The range of jewelry is sober and elegant and based largely on various different materials both traditional - gold plated bronze, silver (925/1000th) steel - or original materials like rubber or braided cable.

Textures and colors are combined audaciously and with refinement to create different ranges of bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces or earrings.
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Designer Joan Rivers 1990 to Present
Joan Rivers has been a comedienne, best seller author, actress, playwright, screenwriter, film director, talk show host, fashion critic, business women and jewellery designer as of 1990. She was born Joan Molinsky in June 1933 in New York. In 1990, Joan embarked on a new adventure, launching her new jewellery designs on QVC. Her dream was to create a line of affordable, classic pieces of costume jewellery for today's woman, to design and produce timeless jewellery that doesn't go out of style to includes necklaces, bracelets, brooches/pins, rings and earrings. The costume jewellery Joan River's designs with David Dangle, her designer partner, contains gold tone and silver tone base metals with simulated pearls, emeralds, sapphire and other stones, coloured beads, clear and pastel rhinestones, and light and dark crystals embedded in the base metals.

Joan's jewellery line is a perfect expression of her natural creativity, confidence and flare. Marked: "Joan Rivers" and "Joan Rivers Classic Collection". QVC has also, through the years, been selling her Joan Rivers Beauty collection of Forever Fragrance line, skin care line, beauty body treatment line, and make-up line of cosmetics. Joan Rivers, this year, will introduce The Scoundrel Collection of Jewellery of which Broadway Baubles featured in the Hit Show, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a musical where cast members are outfitted with QVC costume jewellery of her designs along with Kenneth J. Lane and Nolan Miller. The jewellery will combine the glamour of old Hollywood with a retro twist on current trends. Joan continues to design costume jewellery from her personal jewellery collection along with her newly creative designs and has these jewellery pieces produced at an accessible price since 1990. It has been said the Joan Rivers, trademark, mix of wit, knowledge and compassion has made her a fashion style icon and a QVC treasure.
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Designer Kenneth J Lane 1950's - Present
Kenneth J Lane was born in Detroit, and, after an unexceptional middle-class childhood which he has rarely discussed, was educated at the University of Michigan and then at Rhode Island School of Design. Kenneth Lane's life as we know it began in 1954, when he arrived in New York as a self-invented bright young thing, oozing with apparent glamour and sophistication. This was the era of El Morocco and Harry Winston diamonds, when American fashion designers were first emerging on to the international stage.
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Designer Lanvin 1950's - Present (Crème de la Crème)
Jeanne Lanvin (b. Jeanne-Marie Lanvin, Paris, January 1, 1867-d. Paris, July 6, 1946), French fashion designer. Lanvin became known for her mother-and-daughter outfits and exquisite robes de style, as well as her modern and global approach to the fashion industry. Lanvin was the eldest of 11 children. At age 16, she was an apprentice milliner at Madame Felix in Paris; then trained at dressmaker Talbot and, 1889, set up as a milliner at 22 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore.

Jeanne Lanvin married the Henri-Emile-Georges di Pietro and gave birth to a daughter, Marguerite, who became a talented opera singer and eventually became the director of the Lanvin fashion house. 1925, Marguerite married the Comte Jean de Polignac Paris, June 11, 1888 Paris, October 22, 1943 who rebaptised her to become the Comtess Marie-Blanche de Polignac Paris, August 31, 1897 Paris, February 14, 1958. Jeanne Lanvin made such beautiful clothes for the child that they began to attract the attention of a number of wealthy people who requested copies for their own daughters. Soon, Lanvin was making dresses for their mothers, and some of the most famous names in Europe were included in the clientele of her new boutique on the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Paris. 1909, Lavin joined the Syndicat de la Couture, which marked her formal status as a couturiere.
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Designer Lisner 1900's - Late 1985
The D. Lisner and Company was founded in NY in the early 1900's. The produced high quality costume jewellery using materials which were superior aurora borealis stones and rhinestones at affordable prices from low to mid range prices. The Richelieu jewellery had the more expensive aurora borealis and contained Lucite cabochons and Austrian crystals. Their signature mark is "LISNER" in block script" and was first used in 1935, the mark "Lisner in small script" was in 1938 and the "Lisner in small script with the Capital 'L' in a circle" was used after 1959. The materials used in each design containted coloured rhinestones including aurora borealis, molded plastic and Lucite stones. The company changed its name in 1978 to Lisner-Richelieu Corporation and ceased trading in late 1985. Their jewellery is very collectible and highly sought after.
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Designer Monet 1928 - Present Now Owned by Liz Claiborne Since 2000
The Monocraft Products Company was founded in Providence, RI in 1928 by two brothers, Michael and Jay Chernow. The company first produced gold plated monograms on handbags. The business expanded and around 1937 began manufacturing jewellery under the name of Monet. Monet jewellery is of the Art Modern design. In the 1940's, the company started using sterling silver and silver plating along with the gold plated previously used as base metal. The jewellery produced is very durable with lasting quality. Monet was also responsible for several technological advancements in jewellery, the friction ear clip and the barrel clutch for pierced earrings. The Monocraft Products Company, that produced Monet jewellery, was acquired by General Mills in 1968, purchased by Crystal Brands Jewellery Group in 1989 to 1994, acquired in 1994 to 2000 by Chase Capital Partners, Lattice Holding, and in 2000 was purchased by Liz Claiborne Inc. with production of the jewellery moved out of the U.S. Mark: "MONET", "MONET with copyright symbol" after 1955. Monet jewellery has been in production for more than 75 years and has successfully adapted to the constant changing images and designs of our changing times. The Monet jewellery made today still maintains its high quality and quantity of production. It is still able to change styles and designs capable of meeting the competitive market of today in costume jewellery.
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Designer Miriam Haskell 1926 to Present (Crème de la Crème)
Miriam Haskell, a jewelry designer, opened her own store in New York City in 1926. She produced costume jewelry of elegant artistic ability, ornate and beautiful designs using faux pearls, rhinestones, turquoise, shells, Bakelite and coral that were hand wired in brass and copper to create unique designs of flowers, animals and other organic materials. Miriam Haskell jewelry has been know through the years for its high quality workmanship, designs, and materials. The jewelry pieces were handmade and handset using goldtone metal, an antique Russian gold metal finish developed by Haskell and Frank Hess. Miriam purchased her beads from France and Italy with her crystals imported from Bohemia. During WWII, Haskell used alternative materials including plastics for patriotic designs. After the war, the designs became more vibrant, colorful and feminine looking, more elaborate, larger pieces and multi bead strands with pearls imported from Japan.

Frank Hess worked for Robert early 1940s, Haskell designing jewelry although, Haskell in her lifetime, supervised the production of all the jewelry pieces. The 1950s brought Haskell jewelry with incredibility elaborate designs using stones, pearls and beads and filigree in new and exciting ways. The business was purchased in 1954 by Morris Kinsler. In 1984, Sanford Moss became owner but the business was sold again in 1990 to Frank Fialkoff, who is still producing today, the Miriam Haskell jewelry of traditionally the same quality and originality that bears the Miriam Haskell name. No jewelry was marked between 1926 and 1947. The company used many marks to identify their jewelry. Mark: "Miriam Haskell" in metal on the clasp, the hook, in a crescent shaped cartouche or oval stamp.
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Hollywood Actress Lana Turner - One of the Great Hollywood Actresses
I feel very privileged to have contact with Cheryl Crane daughter to the famous hollywood actress Lana Turner. Cheryl is currently selling Lana Turner's jewellery and other memorabilia from her estate.

Tribute to hollywood actress lana turner

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Designer Napier
Napier Jewellery was first founded in 1875 as Whitney and Rice and then with in 10 years became the E.A. Bliss Co.. Then after World War 1 it became Napier Bliss Co. and in 1922 it became The Napier Co. The mark Napier in block has been used since 1922 till its sale in late 1980's and merchandise was marked Napier in script, the company was purchased by "Victoria & Co". The Napier company was closed by Victoria & Co on 10-15-99. Nothing but excessive stock was last being sold by those dealers that were lucky enough to have it.
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Designer Pennino 1926 - 1961
The designer Frank Pennino founded his company Pennino Jewellery Company NYC in 1926. A master craftsman who used excellent quality Austrian rhinestones, crystals and had the look of genuine gemstones, they were mounted in 14kt gold plate or sterling silver. Some Pennino Jewellery it is believed did not have the signature mark Pennino in script. The signature mark is Pennino in script and also some pieces had Pennino with Pat Pen. The workmanship in each piece of jewellery is exquisite he designed some pieces which were intricately done having bows, tassles and swirls. Pennino ranks as one of the very best costume jewellery company. The company ceased trading in 1961. Their jewellery is extremely collectable and rare to find.
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Designer Pell 1941 - Present
The Pell Jewellery Company was found 1941 by 4 brothers, Joseph, Anthony, Alfred, and William Gaita in 1941. The company is located in Long Island, NY and produces a wide variety of jewellery using silver metal plating. The designs encompass paved rhinestones, simulated crystals and pearls on earrings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, head pieces (tiaras), and Christmas trees. Pell has designed jewellery for Disney Productions and Miss America Beauty contests, and Coro. Mark: "Pell". The Pell jewellery has been sold on the QVC network. Alfred Gaita Jr. continues the business and produces only the best quality jewellery that has been designed and manufactured through the years the company has been in business.
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Designer Polcini 1911-1980 also known as Ledo Jewellery
The designer Ralph Polcini was a goldsmith who emigrated to the US from Italy and founded the Polcini Company in 1911. The name was changed to Leading Jewellery Manufacturing Company in 1949, short for Ledo. The company produced the highest quality and workmanship usually Art Deco designs using the highest quality rhinestones and gold plate which has the look of genuine jewellery. The materials they used were high quality prong set, rhodium plated using clear rhinestone, simulated coloured stones of pearl, opal, sapphire and rubies with some set in gold-tone metal and gold plated metal. After Ralph Polcini died the company was left to his son Damon who changed the company name to Polcini in the 1960's. Their signature mark is By 'Ledo' in script, 'Ledo RIST--LETTE' with 'Ledo' in script, and 'Polcini' with a copyright symbol. The company ceased operations in 1980. Their jewellery is highly collectible and rare to find.
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Designer Pierre Cardin - 1950
Pierre Cardin was born in 1922 in Italy to French parents. He moved to Paris in 1945 and worked for Schiapparelli before becoming head of Christian Dior's tailleure atelier in 1947. He founded his own fashion house in 1950 and began with haute couture in 1953. He is well known for his high quality metal body jewellery.
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Designer Prada 1913 to Present (Crème de la Crème)
Fashion Designer Prada was founded in 1913 in Milan, Italy as a manufacturer of leather bags. What is known today as Prada is mostly the work of the founder's grand-daughter Miuccia Prada. Miuccia Prada was born in 1949. After university, she entered the family business 1978 and soon revolutionized the appearence of its products. Her interest in unusual fabrics led to the distinctive trademark of Prada products: the surprising combination of materials. There are usually two discoveries to be made when dealing with Prada products: First, the surprise to see the use of a specific material in an unusual context and in consequence, the astonishment how good it fits the purpose. In 1989, she introduced women's wear with instant success, men's wear followed equally sucessful in 1995.
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Designer Reinad Jewellery - see also Chanel
For those not familiar with Reinad Jewellery, a short history may be in order. Research reveals that Reinad Novelty Co., Inc. of New York City was in business from 1922 til the mid 1950s. They produced few of their designs under their own name, but were for the most part a wholesale facility or 'jobber', producing jewellery for the many of the high end names you will recognize Boucher, Carnegie and Eisenberg ref: A Tribute to America Costume Jewellery 1935-1950 by the Carla & Roberto Brunialti page 28. In 1941, they brought out their own retail line of jewellery signed Chanel in script Chanel Novelty Co. some of the rarest, most beautiful, quality pieces of jewellery ever produced and of course, some of the most sought after by collectors. They were forced a year later to change the name to avoid confusion with jewellery by Coco Chanel, but still continued to design and produce some of eras finest quality pieces. Fred Rezazadeh in his book 'Costume Jewelry' states 'If you see a piece of Reinad jewellery you like, try to buy it, for you will not get a second chance'.
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Designer Robert De Mario 1945-1965
Robert De Mario founded the company in New York City in 1945 after working for Miriam Haskell. De Mario jewelry is characterized by beautiful designs, excellent craftsmanship which often incorporates hand-sewn brass strung threads using faceted Austrian beads and rhinestones and flux pearls arranged in an array of harmonious colors, fashions and styles The jewelry is relatively rare and high prices are received in the collectible market. Mark: "De Mario with and without a copyright symbol", "Hagler for De Mario" and "Hagler/De Mario". De Mario retired and closed his shop in 1965.
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Designer Richelieu Jewellery Since 1911
Richelieu is name for Joseph H. Meyer Bros Co. A company known for working in costume jewellery since early 1900's. They often made jewellery incorporating pearls in to the many items of jewellery they produced. They did create all types of costume jewellery using rhinestone and almost all other material.

Joseph H. Meyer & Bros, Brooklyn NY was founded in 1911 producing Richelieu costume jewelry for men and women specializing in designing jewelry using simulated creamy to colored pearls, small faux pearls, and rhinestones with spacers between the stones and with goldtone metal bases. Some of the pearl necklaces produced contained beautiful ornamental pearls and rhinestones on the clasp or as an added design feature on the necklace. Mark: Traynor for "Richelieu", "Treza", "Richelieu Satinore", "Richelieu Indelle", "Richelieu Pearls", "Ingeborg-Sant Angelo for Richelieu" 1967, "RCHL with a 2 letter number". The newer costume jewelry made is said to be better designed than some of the older pieces. Lisner-Richelieu Corp. is still producing jewelry and it is now marked: "Richelieu". The Richelieu costume jewelry symbolizes the beautiful simulated look of real pearls of the highest quality with stylish designs using gold plating, silver plating and platinum as the base metal. The Richelieu costume jewelry is not highly collectible today but is gaining popularity because of its outstanding distinctive designs.
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Designer Sarah Coventry
It starts in 1852, when Charles W. Stuart arrived in Newark, New York, a small village on the Erie Canal between Rochester and Syracuse, N.Y. He purchased a small farm on the edge of the village and started selling the young fruit trees door to door. This resulted in the establishment of the C.W. Stuart Nursery.

Stuart established several other nursery firms to compete with each other, but used the same facilities. The names were Emmons Nursery, William C. Moore, Quaker Hill, and others. Newark was tagged as a nursery city as it was also the home of the Jackson & Perkins Co. soon to be known as the "World's Largest Rose growers." "C.W." Stuart died in 1923, but his son Charles H. "C.H." who had graduated from Cornell University had taken over years before, and had other interests, along with nursery products. A trained chemist, C.H. began experimenting with extracts and eventually marketed his extracts and tube flavorings, using a new term "direct selling".
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Designer Elsa Schiaparelli Late 1920's - 1974 (Crème de la Crème)
Elsa Schiaparelli was born in Rome, Italy in 1890. She moved to Paris in the 1920s where she opened her first couture fashion house. She left Paris in 1940 and opened her own fashion operation in New York City in 1949 and also opened a boutique offering ready-to-wear clothing, selling jewelry, perfume, cosmetics, lingerie, and swimsuits to complement her fashionable line of clothing. She licensed her name for mass production of costume jewelry and accessories made by David Lisner Co. which was also the authorized American agent and distributor for her earlier French-made pieces. In 1947, she created clothing in hot pink color, for before that time, black, brown and blue were the only popular and basic colors in womens clothing. Top designers for her establishment were Jean Schlumberg (designed the Circus collection), Serge Matta, Pierre Hubert Givenchy, Cecil Beaton, and Jean Clement. In 1949, the Ralph De Rosa Company produced Schiaparelli jewelry.
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Designer Henry Schreiner 1939-1977
Henry Schreiner founded the Shreiner Jewelry Company in 1939. He had been a blacksmith in Bavaria, Germany and emigrated to the U.S. in 1923. He started to work for the Better Buckle Company working with metals designing and fashioning belt buckles, buttons and dress fasteners. His daughter and her husband joined the firm in 1953 and soon the three of them were creating jewelry for Adele Simpson, Norman Norell, and Christian Dior with the use of the clients names on the jewelry produced. Jewelry designed include flower pins of daises, geraniums, sunflowers, cornflowers, and white marguerites, dragonflies, carrots, pineapples, peas in a pot, turtles, acorns, in different colors. The stunning, unusual and distinctive Shreiner jewelry used gun-metal plating, bronze plating and gold plating for backing along with very expensive custom made special shaped stones made in Germany by skilled Czechoslovakian craftsmen. Some of the designs had inverted-set or upside-down rhinestones and unusual color combinations of the stones.
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Designer Sphinx
British company Sphinx made high quality jewelry. They made jewellery for many famous design houses, like Kenneth J. Lane, Saks Fifth Avenue, Butler & Wilson Neimans, and Bloomingdales and others. I understand and also heard Designer Henry Schreiner of Schreiner Jewellery Co which began in 1939 also designed for Sphinx. Their jewellery is becoming more and more collectible today.

Founded in 1948, the Sphinx Company was a renowned British jewelry manufacturing company that produced well made, quality constructed, and beautifully designed costume jewelry that had the look of real jewelry. In addition to their own line, they produced jewelry designs for many creatively talented artists like Kenneth Jay Lane, Butler & Wilson, Joe Mazer (Jomaz), Alfred Philippi, Nina Ricci, Caura, Fried Paris, as well as Saks 5th Ave., Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Mark & Spencer and other high end department stores, in Europe as well as the United States.

Mark: "SPHINX" in an oval cartouche with some having a LETTER AND NUMBER included or without the Sphinx name, having only a LETTER AND NUMBER in a cartouche. Unsigned pieces were either for customers who wanted to sell pieces as their own, because work was produced in a rush to meet demand or because there wasn't space on the design. Pieces may have either numbers only or a letter and numbers. These were design numbers. The jewelry is now becoming highly collectible since Sphinx ceased operations in the late 1990's.
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Designer Donald Stannard - 1972-2006
Donald Stannard was first mentioned in Vogue in 1972 when he started is own line after being an assistant to Kenneth J Lane. He went on to become a famous designer of jewelry for Broadway shows like "Evita" and "Hello Dolly" as well as TV shows such as "Dynasty". The Erte Collection mentioned in Vogue in 1972 Designed jewelry for individuals until his passing in 2006.

He currently only designs jewelry for the rich and famous and has not been in public business since 2000, Mr. Stannard designed jewelry for Broadway, TV, and the movies as well as for many famous celebrities it would not surprise you to learn this after seeing such an imaginative, inspiring necklace like this. Donald Stannard worked as an assistant to Kenneth J. Lane before striking out on his own as a jewelry designer in 1972.

These days he only makes jewelry for select clientele, so coming across a piece like this is a spectacular find! Excellent vintage condition! Donald Stannard's jewelry graced costumes of numerous movies, television and Broadway Productions. He designed jewelry for many movie stars including: "Loretta Young", "Carol Channing", "Ginger Rogers", "Ethel Merman", "Mary Martin", "Jane Powell", "Ann Miller", "Arlene Dahl", "Ruth Warrick", "Dixie Carter Phyllis Diller", "Audrey Meadows", "Jayne Meadows", "Elaine Stritch" to name just a few.

Donald Stannard was Kenneth J. Lane's assistant from 1968-1972, then he started his own line of jewelry. Made jewelry for Broadway shows: "Panama Hattie", "Anything Goes", "Pal Joey", "Evita", "Hello Dolly", "On the Twentieth Century", "Annie", A Little Night Music Made jewelry for TV shows: "Dynasty", "All My Children", One Life to Live Made jewelry for movies: "Roseland", "The Greek Tycoon".
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Designer Swarovski
Swarovski is an Austrian company that makes high-quality rhinestones, beautiful cut crystals, costume jewellery, and other glass-related items. The company was founded by Daniel Swarovski (1862-1956), the son of a glass faceter. In 1892, Daniel developed a new mechanized technique for faceting glass crystals, creating a sparkling, diamond-like chaton." He then started a factory (and company) in Wattens, Austria (in the Tyrolean Alps) in 1895. In the 1970's, the company expanded to Providence, Rhode Island ,and then later moved to Cranston, Rhode Island. In 1955, Swarovski and Christian Dior developed the iridescent Aurora Borelais stone. The company began a line of rhinestone costume jewellery in 1977. Since 1988, the Swarovski logo has been a swan. Before this date the logo was an edelweiss flower.
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Designer Sorrento - 1911
Vincent Sorrento founded Vincent Sorrento Company in 1911. The Companys name was changed to Uncas Manufacturing Company before 1922. The costume jewellery produced used sterling silver and gold plated metals. The signature Mark is "Sorrento" since 1957. Early pieces are collectable and can be rare to find.
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Designer Swoboda 1956-1985, Re-established as N.W. Jewels by Nathan Waxman June 2000 - Present
Edward Swoboda, a talented jewelry designer, founded Swoboda Inc. in Los Angeles, CA in 1956 after having had an extensive knowledge of gemstones that were used in his manufacturing enterprise. The jewelry is characterized by magnificent thick gold plated metalwork, set with semi-precious stones and cultured pearls. Mr. Swoboda traveled extensively to South America where his gemstones were imported from. It was said that his polished gemstones and cultured pearls were unequaled in costume jewelry. The jewelry produced was designed with the Oriental and Victorian influences. In 1957, Nathan (Nate) Waxman joined the company as a trainee and quickly learned the art of casting, plating, and molding allowing him to create many of the designs. In the early 1960s, the Swoboda firm maintained showrooms in Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas and the jewelry was sold in leading department stores Dillards, Goldwaters, Marshall Fields, Saks Fifth Ave., Bloomingdales, Gumps, Ciros, Harrods of London and Neiman Marcus. Swoboda jewelry lines consisted of complete sets, necklaces, broaches (most popular) and earrings. The jewelry was not marked but had a hang-tag "SWOBODA" until 1966 when "SWOBODA" OR "SWO.INC." appeared in the metal cast. Swoboda retired in 1979 and lives in Los Angeles. The jewelry is extremely rare, especially the more elaborate pieces that are highly prized by collectors who will pay nearly $800.00 per set and or above $400.00 for a necklace. Lower priced pieces consist of figural pins, some with carved jade or other semi-precious stones on gold plated metal. Nathan Waxman ran the company until 1985 when the company ceased operations. In June 2000, Nate Waxman established his own company, N.W. Jewels on an internet website that offers a wide variety and collection of Swoboda Costume Jewelry from vintage collections to limited quantity re-issues.
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Designer Trifari and Trifari, Krussman and Fishel (KTF)
There's so much history to Trifari Jewellery. Trifari Jewellery was first known as Trifari and Trifari founded by Gustavo Trifari and his uncle in 1910. The company name changed to just Trifari after Gustavos uncle left. In 1917 Leo Krussman joined and then Carl Fishel in 1925. They renamed the Company Trifari, Krussman and Fishel which is where the signature mark "KTF" derived.

Early 1930 Alfred Philippe joined as head designer, he's considered a top master craftsman in fine jewellery for Cartier and Van Cleef and Arples. His designs became very popular especially the well known designs known as fruit salad (also known as Tutti Frutti) jewellery. The company was run 1910 to 1975 by the originating founders and sons of those founders. In 1975 Trifari was purchased by several other companies, there's so much rich history to Trifari, we will add more and more over time on their fascinating history. Early Trifari Jewellery is very collectible and some pieces are now very rare to find.
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Designer Louis Comfort Tiffany 1848-1933 and Tiffany & Co (Crème de la Crème)
Quoted from Louis Tiffany "I once lived in a small town in the United States, which was surrounded by forestland and several lakes. Whenever I drove through the area, I always found the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the lakes and the cool shade underneath the trees to be particularly uplifting. But even that paled when compared to the stunning night landscapes."
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Designer Ivana Trump
Under the umbrella of Ivana Haute Couture come 'lifestyle products' such as scents (Ivana, Elegance by Ivana, Ivanka by Ivana, Ivana Pink Champagne, and Ivana for Men), Ivana make-up and, of course, the Ivana costume jewellery. 'People love the products; everyone from the 18-year old girl to the 80-year-old grandma love it, ' boasts Ivana, who, like her ex, comes across as both relentlessly self-promoting and curiously big-hearted in person.
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Designer Van Cleef & Arpels (Crème de la Crème)
Founded in 1906 by Alfred Van Cleef and his brothers-in-law Charles and Julien Arpels on the Place Vendome in Paris, Van Cleef & Arpels is one of the worlds most prestigious and innovative jewellers. They are renowned for their creative designs and techniques, using only the highest quality gemstones, such as the Mystery Setting also known as Invisible Setting, in which the prongs are hidden underneath a gemstone. The House has always given form to these recurring motifs through inventive, very complex and continuously evolving techniques. The Van Cleef & Arpels touch asymmetry for a sense of life and movement, metamorphosis as a guiding principle in transformable jewellery, and a mingling of the transparent and the opaque. Van Cleef & Arpels immediate success prompted the founders to expand to important seaside resorts in France as well as abroad. New York City became their first location in the United States in 1939. Maria Callas, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, the Maharani of Baroda, the Royal family of Egypt, the Shah of Iran, to name just a few, were all devoted clients of the firm and regularly wore their most astonishing creations. Today, the radiant glamour of Julia Roberts, Kristin Scott Thomas, Sharon Stone, Zhang Ziyi and Uma Thurman is lit up by the jeweller. With 49 boutiques all over the world, the firm is still regarded as one of the foremost contemporary jewellers, maintaining the tradition of excellent craftsmanship and original designs.
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Designer Vargas 1945-1980
The Vargas Manufacturing Company was founded in Providence, RI in 1945 and produced ornamental costume jewelry, prong set with clear and colored rhinestones, faux pearls and simulated colored glass stones (ruby, sapphire and opal) on sterling silver, 10k gold filled, gold plated and silver plated base metals. Many pieces designs (bracelets in particular) had 3-dimensional detailed surfaces layered with huge repousse scrolled leaves and textured berries set on an antique finish of silvertone and goldtone metal with smooth and shining surfaces on the interior of the jewelry pieces. The bracelets, at least 1.5 inches wide, opened wide, were hinged and came with a safety chain for added security. Many of the jewelry designs were identical to those made by Whiting & Davis also located in Providence, RI, (sharing designs - the practice between competing costume jewelry houses was not uncommon in the 1940's and 1950's), and competition was prevalent in those days. Mark "V in an elongated diamond shape" since 1945, "VARGAS" ornamental jewelry since June 1945, "Vargas 10K GF", "Cradle Craft" in script on childrens jewelry, pendants, necklaces, pins, bracelets and finger rings in Sept. 1946, "a large V partly inside and outside a triangle" particularly on ornamental jewelry for children since Jam. 15, 1947, "Lucky Elephant" in 1960 and "Brazilia" in 1971, "Grandee" in 1971, "Bennard" in 1969. It is assumed that the company ceased operations in 1980.
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Designer Vogue 1915-1975 (Crème de la Crème)
Vogue jewellery was first produced by Park Importing Co.NYC, about 1915. The firm specialized in simulated pearls and beads jewellery. The Vogue jewellery found on the market today was manufactured in the late 1930's to early 1970's by Harold Shapiro, and his two partners, Jack Gilbert and George Grant. Shapiro left the company in 1961 and his son, Bernard, founded Les Bernard, Inc. in 1963. Vogue jewellery is said to be beautiful, demonstrating originality and innovation of designs. Jewellery pieces produced in the early 1930's to 1940's are hard to find and sought after by collectors. Mark: "VOGUE". The Vogue company ceased operations in early 1975.
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Designer Weiss
Weiss jewellery was a 1940's company and discontinued business about 1971, they were a much under rated name in the costume jewellery business but some of their jewellery was purchased from Hollywood Jewellery Co and Weiss applied their signature to it. Located in New York, NY. they created a low end line and high end line of costume jewellery and also made some high quality collectible items. Their output was no where near Trifari and Coro but they did maintain a very good line of jewellery. The first mark used was "WEISS" in block print, later came the mark of "Weiss" in script and "Albert Weiss" or "A W Co." with the "W" looking some what like a crown. The later mark was introduced sometime in 1951 and used by the president of the company, Albert Weiss.
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Designer Wiesner Joseph - 1953
The Wiesner Company was founded by Joseph Wiesner NY in 1953 producing quality workmanship in elegant designs in the 50's, sparkling clear and brilliant coloured rhinestones prong set in goldtone metal. Known for their quality boxed sets and elegant designs, compacts and accessories. Mark: "Joseph Wiesner NY". There's another company called Wiesner of Miami.
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Designer Whiting Davis and Co
Whiting Davis Co. started out making mesh chains and mesh purses in the last part of the 1800's and expanded into a very high quality costume jewellery line. Transfers on porcelain and early cameo type jewellery was one of their favourite lines. They created some of the most impressive line of iridescent glass jewellery. Perhaps they were best known in the jewellery industry for their output and production of some very fine Costume Jewellery produced in the 1950's copying many fine museum pieces. They still produce mesh purses and some accessories but have discontinued the jewellery line and their earlier jewellery will become even more collectible.
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Designer Yves Saint Laurent -1960 to Present (Crème de la Crème)
Yves Saint Laurent, a designer, was born in Algeria in 1936 and worked for the House of Dior in 1954. When Christian Dior died in 1957, Saint Laurent managed one of the Dior establishments but in 1961, opened his own fashion house in Paris and, later, in 1966, opened a boutique in the U.S. Monet produced some of his jewelry. Mark: "Yves Saint Laurent".
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