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Rare Original Signed David Bowie
BBC Radio-1 Performance Contract 1971
David Robert Jones
Born: 8 January 1947 Died: 10 January 2016
(known professionally as David Bowie)

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Starman Surprise!
Perfect Present for the David Bowie Fan/Collector
Rare Original Signed David Bowie
BBC Radio-1 Performance Contract 1971
Fantastic investment and a piece of important history

D Bowie front of radio 1 contract in the frame

D Bowie back of the frame

D Bowie front of radio 1 contract

D Bowie reverse side of the radio 1 contract

D Bowie certificate of authenticity

Item Code: EMHOF011

This is a rare original carbon copy Radio1 David Bowie contract from a multi-printed form contract. The David Bowie signature is personally hand signed in original ink not a carbon or photocopy he signed the contract D Bowie with his initials and is dated 23 September 71. The BBC Radio-1 performance contract is for broadcast dated 4 October 1971.

The wall mounted framed contract includes a photocopy of the reverse side with the entertainment booking seal which is unseen due to the front of the contract only showing in the frame.

The contract is a carbon copy from a multi contract set, colour blue with blue ink for the Service Radio-1 Prog no: 1G1394Q and has a good quality printed picture of David Bowie 'Ziggy Stardust' wall mounted in a nice heavy duty wood frame with glass. The frame is 25 inches wide x 21 inches long.

Top valuation estimate in 2017 from the Head of Department, Entertainment Memorabilia, Bonhams, London estimated price £1,500.00.

Radio was very popular back in the 1970's, not many people had television sets and the picture was black and white and wavey! It's no surprise this radio contract is a radio 1 recording as most music fans back in the early 70's listened to music mainly on a record player, radio 1 and the Luxemburg channel.

David Robert Jones Born: 8 January 1947 Died: 10 January 2016, (known professionally as David Bowie)

The Telegraph
Article:: David Bowie - obituary
Dated: 11 January 2016 David Bowie, who has died of cancer a few days after turning 69, was a rock musician of rare originality and talent; he was also, variously, a producer, painter, film actor, art critic, to read more please visit the link > > > Source - www.telegraph.co.uk/obituaries/2016/03/18/david-bowie---obituary/

The framed contract was originally bought from a reputable UACC registered dealer in the UK with the certificate of authencitiy and guarantee to certify the autograph is authentic original and personally hand signed, not digitally or mechanically reproduced. The certificate and guarantee will be given to the new owner.

The following information is in relation to the radio 1 contract:

1971 - Sounds of the 70's Bob Harris
Recorded: 21st September 1971 (7.30pm - 11.00pm)
Broadcast: 4th October 1971 (10.00pm till 12 Midnight)
Producer: John F Muir
Engineers: John White and Bill Aitken
Studio: T1, Kensington House, Shepherds Bush, London, England
Musicians: David Bowie (vocals, guiter, piano) and Mick Ronson (bass, lead guitar, vocal)
1. The Superman
2. Oh! You Pretty Thing/Eight Line Poem
3. Kooks
4. Fill Your Heart
5. Amsterdam
6. Andy Warhol

You can find the original song recordings on Vinyl and CD please visit the following two websites for more information:


bowie at the beeb

"Strange, mad celebration"

Out on February 26th 2016 is the vinyl box set of Bowie At The Beeb, originally mooted for release in 2000.

Previously released on CD the same year, this is the debut of the Best Of David Bowie's BBC radio sessions from 1968 - 1972 on vinyl.

The 39-track 4-disk set comes in a lift off lid box and features a full colour 20 page booklet. This vinyl version features Oh! You Pretty Things from the Sounds Of The 70's Bob Harris session, broadcast in September 1971, which was previously exclusive to the Japanese release of the CD (please see below for more details). This performance features just David and Mick Ronson as a duo.

Completely exclusive to this collection, and therefore making its debut, is the once lost The Supermen from the Sounds Of The 70's Andy Ferris session, broadcast in March 1970, and performed by The Hype. This recording was only rediscovered during the research for the original CD set and remained unreleased until now.

Keep reading for the tracklisting for the eight sides.

Source: www.davidbowie.com/news/bowie-beeb-vinyl-box-due-february-55411


the rise and rise of ziggy stardust front cover

the rise and rise of ziggy stardust back cover

2 CD: Unofficial Release
Country: Japan
Released: 2000
BBC Sessions
Disc one
Bob Harris Show 21 Sep 1971
101 The Supermen - Bob Harris show September 1971
102 Oh You Pretty Things - Bob Harris show September 1971
103 Kooks - Bob Harris show September 1971
104 Fill Your Heart - Bob Harris show September 1971
105 Amsterdam - Bob Harris show September 1971
106 Andy Warhol - Bob Harris show September 1971

To view full information on this album please visit:

Source: www.davidbowieworld.nl/mijn-bootlegs-2-2/bbc-performance/attachment/david-bowie-the-rise-and-rice-of-ziggy-stardust-volume-3-and-4-2/

Source: www.discogs.com/David-Bowie-The-Rise-And-Rise-Of-Ziggy-Stardust-Volume-3-And-4/release/5309826

Details on the David Bowie Radio-1 Performance Contract is kept on the website for reference

Top valuation estimate supplied in 2017 from the Head of Department, Entertainment Memorabilia, Bonhams, London estimated price £1,500.00.

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