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Antique and Vintage Costume Jewellery Opinion and Appraisal Service

How we handle your Valuation

Date: December 2015

Sorry I can't offer valuations at this present time due to the amount of workload and demand for this service.

House of Francheska are pleased to announce Lorraine will offer valuations on your lovely Antique and Vintage Costume Jewellery. Lorraine decided to offer this service to her clients due to the amount of emails she receives each week asking her how much their precious antique or vintage costume jewellery is or they may enquire on history or more information.

Lorraine would like to point out this is a very specialized area, years of dedication to research and keeping up with the discovered designers of the past. This takes an enormous amount of time with constant reading, study and research on the past master designers, what materials they used, what the pieces mean, the settings, tailor made pieces, dating, discovering rare and collectable pieces, this is just scratching the surface there is so much involved.

Lorraine will give you an appraisal on good faith and based on her own personal expertise and research into your item. It is an extremely specialized area and due to recent demand has become one of her favorable services to offer her clients.

Please understand Lorraine cannot give you an appraisal or valuation if you wish her to buy your item for re-sale, she can however sell on your behalf by allowing Lorraine to do the full photography, description, pricing and shipping of your item. If this service interests you please Contact us

If you would like to sell your item to House of Francheska she will give you a different valuation, there is no charge for this service, this will be treated as purchasing an item.

House of Francheska buy all their items from reputable dealers based all around the World and is currently interested in purchasing these Designers, Please visit here Designers we are currently interested in buying click here > > >

We have had many clients who are extremely happy with our opinion and appraisal service and would also like to point out we are improving this area each and every day.

We are sure you will appreciate the amount of work necessary to give you the right information and valuation.

We are learning each and every single day on our past jewellery designers, there is so much to understand about them and to be discovered, and what we discover is truely remarkable.

Please Read
In most cases Lorraine will give her personal opinion based on photographic evidence on what she feels is a true valuation for your lovely Antique and Vintage costume jewelry OR if you wish to choose the Gold Service you can send your items to us for photographing and have your item listed on our website to sell. All items sent to us must be sent via signed recorded special delivery NDD delivery as this will include insurance and will help to get to us for safe arrival.

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